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Alumni Quotes

“This course WILL help progress your career! Yes, it was strange to do a work placement at my age. But under Rachel’s dynamic leadership, the placement encouraged me to look at a completely new discipline. Now I do radio AND television; my peers at Sky love my new skills, and my documentary film was nominated for an award! Smiles all round.”

Kevin Gover, Sky News Radio, Sky World News TV.

Edinburgh Napier Journalism Graduate Kevin Gover at the Sky Newsroom
Kevin Gover at the Sky Newsroom

“I have really enjoyed studying International Journalism at Edinburgh Napier. Our lecturers are established journalists, passionate about their subjects, creative and approachable, which is the perfect combination when it comes to distance learning. But most of all, they have helped me recognise my interest in academia, which paves the way for my future endeavours. I would definitely recommend studying this Master’s degree to everybody who is looking to progress their careers in journalism – for me, it was a life-changer.”

Martin Angler, International Freelance Science Journalist

“The MA International Journalism for Media Professionals degree was a great opportunity to put into action what I had learnt from my undergraduate degree in International Journalism and during journalistic field work, however, what I learnt on this course was far beyond the set agenda for a Master’s Degree. The amount of further knowledge about journalism I was able to acquire within a short amount of time was incredible. My professors provided me with a multitude of opportunities to showcase my newly established skills and always pushed for more while granting me their greatest support throughout the year. It taught me to look beyond the known and literally cross borders. I have completed this degree while working full-time, and it was one of the most difficult challenges. What I especially appreciated was the mixed background my fellow students and I brought into the course. A truly international study experience.”

Kerstin Tschernigg, CLA/ Information Editor at PixelFaerie

“This course gave me a tremendous boost in self-confidence and made me discover skills I didn’t realise I possessed. I also learned to produce videos and documentaries and to start my own blog. The faculty is made up of dedicated, accomplished professionals, always willing to dispense liberally with their time, providing encouragement and advice throughout.  Rachel, the Programme Coordinator, is amazing: always smiling and encouraging, ever ready with constructive criticism and with her finger on the pulse of each student’s progress. Her support was invaluable… Although the assignments, coupled with a full-time job and several other interests, had me burning much midnight oil, this distance learning course allowed me to proceed at my own pace, with the full support of both the administrative staff and the faculty. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve professional skills or is considering a career in journalism.”

Savita Kulkarni, FAO of the UN

“Before doing the course, I felt I was lacking in the new digital skills needed to get ahead in journalism today. I also didn’t have much confidence in my own academic skills as it had been 25 years since my last post-graduate degree. Doing this Masters made me realise that 20 years of working brings a lot to the table, particularly a practical course like this, and gave me a lot of confidence. I really enjoyed the space to consider and analyse the profession, and studying from overseas (Indonesia) never felt like a disadvantage. I feel envious of the current students on the course. I’d love to come back and do it all again!”

Rosaleen Cunningham, Communicator at Oxford University

“The MA International Journalism for Media Professionals was a great learning experience for me. It’s an excellent programme and leadership providing very individual and intensive guidance and support. Both faculty and student cohort are experienced media professionals. To learn from their real-life experience was invaluable. As a career changer, I developed a real passion for journalism throughout the Masters. I enjoyed the great flexibility the programme offers through distance-learning and the interaction with an amazing mix of students of different backgrounds and from all over the world.”

Melanie Loos, Freelance Multimedia Journalist

International Journalism graduate Melanie Loos portrait with camera
Melanie Loos during the residential week at Edinburgh Napier


  1. The International Journalism MA was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life. Regardless of where the future takes me this MA taught me vital skills and encouraged innovative and new ideas on how I interact and understand the world around me. I’m sad that it is over, and would love to do it all again.

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