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Trimester 2, Starting In May, To Sharpen Students’Business Reporting, Investigative And Documentary Production Skills

We’re pleased to announce that Iain Overton will be teaching the Trimester 2 module “Investigative Journalism”. His past investigations around the globe include counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry, UK deaths in custody, corporate killings in Iraq, Glasgow gang-land murders linked to security contracts, and he’s currently investigating armed violence around the globe.
We’re equally pleased to announce that the Trimester 2 module “Global Business and Finance Reporting” will be taught by Greig Cameron, Deputy Business Editor of the Herald. In the past, Greig has worked as Deputy Editor of Scottish Business Insider magazine, as Business Editor for the Daily Record and as Editor of
The Trimester 2 module “Documentary Film Production” will be taught by Rachel Dungar. Rachel has travelled the globe as television reporter, -producer and -presenter as well as documentary filmmaker to report from locations as diverse as the former Soviet Union, Brazil’s Favelas, Malaysia’s paradise islands, the Swiss parliament and the Middle East in crisis.
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Global Virtual Classroom for Media Professionals to launch 24th January 2013

With modern journalists challenged by changing technologies, shaky economies and evolving political realities, Edinburgh Napier University is launching a unique Masters specifically designed to support their career progression.

On this cutting-edge degree, media professionals will join a community of peers around the globe to develop leadership attributes, explore innovative forms of media practice, enhance their global mobility and expand the scope of their professional expertise.

The flexible online curriculum of “MA International Journalism for Media Professionals” is tailored to meet individual learning requirements and enables students to work whilst they study. The following lecturers will teach on modules during the first Trimester.

“Leadership & Entrepreneurship in the Media” will be taught by Charles Fletcher MBE. Award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Charles Fletcher, has significant international experience in media, education and development. A pioneer in distance learning, he successfully developed online training support for journalists in Europe from the BBC World Service, London and Caledonia Media, Edinburgh. Acknowledged for his innovative skills, Charles is leading the development of Scotland’s community radio sector, now the largest independent radio network in the country. A William Benton Fellow at the University of Chicago, he is Parliamentary Correspondent for the SCBN and presents The Week in Holyrood.

“Crossplatform Journalism & Media Practice” will be taught by Craig McGill. One of Scotland’s earliest digital journalists and content creators, McGill is a strong advocate of using digital platforms to find stories, reach out to news sources and deliver original, pertinent information to relevant audiences. An author of three non-fiction books, McGill has written for many of the best known online news brands including The Guardian, The Mirror, TIME Magazine, Daily Mail, Scotsman, The Sun and The Sunday Times. He advises firms across the globe on how to use and seed content for maximum engagement with audiences.

“Global Current Affairs across Cultures” will be taught by Rachel Dungar. As radio- and television- reporter, producer, presenter and documentary filmmaker, Rachel has travelled the globe to report from locations as diverse as the former Soviet Union, Brazil’s favelas, Malaysia’s paradise islands, the Swiss parliament and the Middle East in crisis. She documented the Velvet Revolution in Prague and reported humanitarian issues during the Iraq war. Besides hard news, Rachel has ample experience with reality TV and softer television entertainment formats. Rachel joined Academia in 2004. Her multicultural family background motivates her research into cross-cultural issues in the media.

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