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Staff Profiles

Rachel Younger — Programme leader, and module leader for Global Current Affairs across Cultures and Documentary Film Production

As a radio and television reporter, producer, presenter and documentary filmmaker, Rachel travelled the globe reporting from locations as diverse as the former Soviet Union, Brazil’s favelas, Malaysia’s islands, the Swiss parliament and the Middle East in crisis. She documented the Velvet Revolution in Prague and reported humanitarian issues during the Iraq war. Besides hard news, Rachel has extensive experience with reality TV and television entertainment formats. She entered academia in 2004, and is the programme leader for the MA in International Journalism for Media Professionals.

Simon Pia — Module leader, Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Media and Professional Media Industry Placement

Simon has worked for over three decades as a journalist in print, radio and television, covering current affairs, sport and the arts. He has written for all Scotland’s major broadsheet newspapers — The Scotsman, The Herald and Sunday Herald, and Scotland on Sunday — and authored eight books. He has also worked in public relations for the private and public sector, most notably as media secretary for the Labour Party leader at Scotland’s parliament, run media training courses, and lectured at Glasgow Caledonian University as well as Edinburgh Napier.

Iain Overton

Iain Overton — Module leader, Investigative Journalism

Iain is an investigative journalist, writer and documentary producer. His investigations include counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry, UK deaths in custody, corporate killings in Iraq, and Glasgow gangland murders. He is director of policy and investigations for London-based charity Action On Armed Violence, and has published an acclaimed book, Gun Baby Gun. Iain was the first managing editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and has worked as a senior producer at BBC Current Affairs and executive producer at ITN.

Stijn Postema - Lecturer Cross-platform Journalism

Stijn Postema — Module leader, Crossplatform Journalism & Media Practice

Stijn is a journalist, author and designer, whose blog has attracted worldwide attention. He has worked full time as a freelance journalist since 2001, with a clientele that ranges from local authorities to national governments, commercial companies to nonprofit organisations, and national newspapers and magazines to specialist journals. Stijn has authored or co-authored seven books, and has also worked as a documentary filmmaker. He has particular expertise in infographics, photography and drone journalism.

Andrew Marshall - Lecturer Business & Finance

Andrew MacGregor Marshall — Module leader, Global Business & Finance Reporting

In two decades as a foreign correspondent and editor, Andrew has covered some of the world’s biggest stories and most turbulent places. He has led multimedia news teams and managed investigations all over the globe, and reported on war and conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and East Timor. Andrew worked for Reuters for 17 years, including assignments as Baghdad bureau chief for Reuters from 2003 to 2005, Middle East managing editor from 2006 to 2008, and chief correspondent for political risk from 2008 to 2010. He left Reuters in 2011 and now works as an independent journalist and author. His latest book, A Kingdom in Crisis, was published in 2014.

Craig McGill — Lecturer, Crossplatform Journalism & Media Practice

One of Scotland’s earliest digital journalists and content creators, Craig is an advocate of using digital platforms to find stories, reach out to news sources and deliver original, pertinent information to relevant audiences. An author of three nonfiction books, Craig has written for many of the best known online news brands including The Guardian, The Mirror, Time magazine, The Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Sun and The Sunday Times. He advises firms across the globe on how to engage audiences online.

Charles Fletcher — Lecturer, Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Media

An award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Charles has extensive international experience in media, education and development. A pioneer in distance learning, he successfully developed online training support for journalists in Europe from the BBC World Service in London and Caledonia Media in Edinburgh. Acknowledged for his innovative skills, Charles is leading the development of Scotland’s community radio sector, now the largest independent radio network in the country. A William Benton Fellow at the University of Chicago, he is Parliamentary Correspondent for the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network and presents The Week in Holyrood.

Greig Cameron — Lecturer, Global Business and Finance Reporting

Greig is Deputy Business Editor of The Herald, one of Scotland’s leading broadsheet newspapers. He has previously worked as Deputy Editor of Scottish Business Insider magazine, and as Business Editor for The Daily Record. Greig says he enjoys speaking to the people behind the companies and getting an insight into what makes chief executives and entrepreneurs tick. He began his journalism career at the Deadline news agency, which he joined as a cub reporter, eventually being promoted to bureau chief managing its news, features and pictures operations.

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